The Association of Eco-Jary Says Hello!

“Winter relaxes its grip. West winds are a pleasant change. Spring is here" Horace



The folks calling Jary home joined together to launch the “Association for Green Jary” and created this portal to portray our perspective on the past, present and future of this very special place.




"Summertime, and the living is easy" Ira Gershwin


Membership in the Association is open to all, residents and friends of Jary, who share our core values of living in harmony with nature and preserving history while looking forward to a sustainable future.





"I watch the birds fly south across the autumn sky and one by one they disappear" The Moody Blues


The Association takes a holistic and multidimensional approach to realize our mission of boosting the quality of life for all residents of Jary. Foremost is taking care of our unique rural microclimate with infrastructural improvements to maintain and enhance Eco-Jary’s healthy environment.  The village is united in succeeding in this mission, integrating the young & old, “native” residents with recent newcomers, and Jary’s locals with friends in neighboring communities.




"A beautiful sight We're happy tonight Walking in a winter wonderland" F. Bernard & R. Smith

The Association for a Green Jary is eager to establish contact with former residents of the village, their relatives or other people who have fond memories of this special place. We are especially interested in anecdotes and pictures. We would be glad to send additional information for those exploring their genealogy.

Contact our Association and positively contribute to transforming a mission statement into reality!

Stowarzyszenie Zielone Jary
55-120 Oborniki Śl., PL
Jary, ul. Akacjowa 20

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Mieszkam na Wsi from Zielone Jary on Vimeo.