In season,  (March-October) the ‘Jary Riders” meet in front of the community center at 7:00  or 8:00 am on Saturdays and Sundays for a 50-80 km ride. We schedule other longer trips and shorter family rides as well. Most of the routes are suitable for road bikes.  To join our friendly peleton,  just contact us.  In April, we will launch a tweeter feed to provide information about the meeting times and distances of our weekend rides.

We welcome everyone and no one is left behind.  We can also meet at the Oborniki train station.

To reach the cycling heaven of Jary and environs from Wrocław, you don’t have to bike through city cycling purgatory! For our Wroclaw friends, we recommend taking a train to the Szewce, Pegow or Oborniki Slaskie stations. In  only 20 minutes from Wroclaw Glowny, you will be on great back roads.

We are glad to share some of our favorites rides with you.  Use the “more” buttons on the embedded maps to check out the local attractions. By clicking the “bike route” link on the bottom of each map, you can see a larger version and export the route to your GPS. We will be adding more routes so check this page frequently!

Back Roads to the Village-Take the Kids

This map shows two forest roads to and from Jary’s community center.  Review the other rides below and find the main routes to Nowosielce and Lubnów. The roads require wider tires as the road can be both sandy and muddy. Great ride to take the children on as only two kilometers are on a road that has automobile traffic. The road to Nowosielce passes by the forest nursery and the boar reserve. From Lubnów, you cruise by one of the largest forest ponds in the area with plenty of wildlife to entertain the kids and a dock for a scenic picnic. There are hundreds of tiny frogs and toads that treat the road as if it’s their hi-way to the pond and back. If it has rained in the previous days, we do not recommend the road from Lubnów unless you like mud.

Bike route 1478437 – powered by Bikemap

A Direct Route to Jary with Slight Detour

This starts or ends at the Szewce train station. The road to / from Jary from Wielka Lipa is packed gravel forest road. It is new and highly recommended even for road bikes. Enjoy the view of the Sudeten mountains on the climb out of Rościsławice. The ride through the forest out of Uraz ranks among the best in the area. If you have wider tires, you can ride the forest road from Nizny to Jary. Map soon to come.

Bike route 1408299 – powered by Bikemap

Ride to Jary From Szewce

This is one of the most direct routes to Jary. Please note that there is a forest road from Oborniki Slaskie to Jary via a real rough concrete road. When arriving in Oborniki Slaskie take a left, if you hit bad concrete, you are on the right path! The forest road is a bit of a challenge with narrow tires.

Bike route 1408307 – powered by Bikemap

Trzebnickie Hills & Orchards

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, as they say, Add this ride on a weekly basis for great health! Great in all seasons, but apple blossom time is special. The view from the top of the hill near Trzebnica is not to be missed.  Best done on an early  Sunday morning as a very small part of the ride is on the regional highway 340.

Bike route 1410825 – powered by Bikemap

Meandering over the Moraines

This short ride stays in the rolling Trzebnickie Hills formed during the last ice age, making a real cool ride! The road from Wilkowa to Brzeżno is newly paved with a hilltop view of Prusice. The restored palace in Brzeżno is now a golf course and a great place for a break, even on a short ride. The palace belonged to Polish Jews living in Germany. After Hitler came to power, they returned to Poland. In 1936, the Nazis allowed Curt Bondy, an unsung hero, to open an agricultural work camp, Gross Breesen, at the palace and surrounding grounds to train Jewish youth for emigration out of the Third Reich. While many succeed in leaving to Brazil, Australia and the US, others perished during the holocaust. Now, as you ride past the palace, it’s worthwhile to pause both for refreshment and to reflect on the past.

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“Don’t Pay the Ferryman”

This is a favorite 100 km ride from Jary. It depends on the ferry in Brzeg Dolny to get across the Oder river. In 2013 a new bridge should be finished. Lubiaz is a great place for a break. The café at the monastery serves a real good zurek! The back road to Sroda Slaska is excellent, with sections newly paved.

Small Hills and Big Thrills, Plus a Palace or Two

This ride has it all,  hills, flats, fields and forest. Be sure to check out the palace in Piotrowice. Road surface at times is rough, recommend at least 700 x 25 c tires on your road bike.

Bike route 1408211 – powered by Bikemap

Hop, Skip and a Jump to Skokowa

A fast favorite. Very scenic with patches of newly laid asphalt. The forest from Radec to Stary Dwor has a lot of old growth trees and large ferns. Riding to the church at the top of the climb in Strupnia is another option.

Bike route 1409996 – powered by Bikemap

Zmigrod Classic

This is our classic ride. Good roads and plenty of sites. Love it when the wind is from the north with a great tailwind to blow us home!

Bike route 1408252 – powered by Bikemap

Peaking in Pelczyn, the R. Foster Memorial Ride

Another great ride on back roads with limited amount of traffic. Plenty to see. Road surface rough at times, but still good for road bikes. Some elevation gain makes this a good training ride. There is a long stretch without services so stock up with water and energy food so you don’t bonk on the hill to Pelczyn.

Bike route 1408268 – powered by Bikemap

Riding to / from the Southern Border, The Mr. D. Holmes Farewell to Poland Ride

This route is perfect for  our cycle touring friends,  coming to visit from the Czech Republic, or heading there from Jary. A shorter version is through Sroda Slaska using the ferry in Brzeg Dolny, this time the ferry was closed due to low water in the Oder river. Major hills are only at the end/beginning of the ride. A Jary rider escorted renowned world traveler, Mr. D. Holmes, to the Czech border from Jary. You can experience the ride through his travel diary on crazy guy on a

Bike route 1409118 – powered by Bikemap 

Southern Route –Get Ben Back from Bolkow

Two members of the Association took an early morning train to Swiedodzice and then rode to nearby Bolkow to meet a fellow cyclist and friend of Jary, Ben K, from the United States. The troika then rode back on highly scenic back roads.  We can recommend all of this ride. The only busy part was around Jawor, which we could have avoided if one rider heeded the advice of the other:) Parts are rough pavement, but all in all a splendid ride. Riding north, it’s all downhill! For a  ”live-from the saddle” report on this ride, check out Ben’s blog.

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Trzebnica Bicycle Marathon

This is the 2012 route of this annual event. See for more information.
The Jary riders kick off the season by tackling the hills on this challenging course. The marathon is rather demanding, motivating us to start to get on the bikes early in the year. See our current event page for a short report of our team’s participation.

Bike route 1561272 – powered by Bikemap